Curly Hair Stylists – Louisville

curly hair stylist louisville

People with curly hair often seek out specialized stylists who are experienced in working with curly hair textures. This is because curly hair has unique characteristics and challenges that require a certain level of expertise to manage effectively. We have several stylists that have years of experience working on curly hair here in our Louisville … Read more

Hair Blowouts in Louisville KY

Needing a hair blowout for a special occasion in Louisville? We would love to see you! Our online booking is here. Our hair blowouts include: Shampooing your hair twice Conditioning Once Drying your hair for a sleek, smooth, and stylish look Flat iron, if requested Round brush, if requested Curls, if requested Many of our … Read more

Fun Facts About Beards

fun facts about beards

Some fun and interesting facts about beards throughout history. Here are a few of the many reasons for sporting a beard: Historians believed that prehistoric man wore beards for various reasons. A beard would help to protect them from the hot sun, sand storms, and insects. It would also help them keep warm while protecting … Read more