Walk-in Hair Salon in Louisville, KY

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We understand that sometimes you need a last minute hair appointment, that you might be having a hair emergency, or you might be from out of town and needing a hair service before a conference, wedding, or special outing. There’s a ton of reasons why you might need a walk-in hair salon in Louisville, Ky! … Read more

What Are The Different Types of Hair Coloring? (with pictures)

Multiple types of hair colors in a collage

Whether you normally color your hair or a newcomer to the world of hair coloring, this color guide of our Louisville hair salon offerings is your gateway to unlocking the endless possibilities and creative expressions that come with changing your hair color. Embarking on a hair color transformation is a significant journey that can have … Read more

10 Most Requested Hair Color Styles at our Louisville Hair Salon

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Welcome to TRIM NuLu, the Louisville hair salon that celebrates the artistry of hair color! In the vibrant world of hairstyling, the beauty of your hair color can make a profound statement about your style and personality. At our Louisville hair salon, we take pride in offering a diverse array of hair color styles, each … Read more

Hair Highlights in Louisville

Hair highlights in louisville

Highlights are by far the most common hair color service in our Louisville hair salon. Out of the hundreds of color services we perform on a monthly basis at TRIM NuLu, hair highlights account for ~70%. Highlights are requested by women, men, young clients, young-at-heart clients, and everyone else! In this blog post we will … Read more

Curly Hair Stylists – Louisville

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People with curly hair often seek out specialized stylists who are experienced in working with curly hair textures. This is because curly hair has unique characteristics and challenges that require a certain level of expertise to manage effectively. We have several stylists that have years of experience working on curly hair here in our Louisville … Read more

16 Easy Ways to Keep Hair Healthy

ways to keep your hair healthy

Why is healthy hair important? Healthy and shiny hair is a sign of vitality and overall well-being. It enhances your appearance and can boost your confidence, making you feel more attractive and self-assured. Good hair health can positively impact your self-esteem and how you perceive yourself. When your hair looks and feels great, you’re likely … Read more

10 Hair Care Myths Debunked

10 hair care myths debunked

Certainly, there are several hair care myths that have persisted over time. Here are some common hair care myths along with the truths that debunk them: Myth 1: Trimming Hair Makes It Grow Faster: Myth 2: Brush Your Hair 100 Strokes a Day for Shine: Myth 3: Using Hot Water Increases Shine: Myth 4: Hair … Read more

20 Characteristics of a Great Hair Salon

20 traits of a great hair salon - Louisville, KY

A great hair salon is characterized by various factors that contribute to a positive and satisfying experience for clients. Here are some key characteristics that clients look for in a really great hair salon. In full transparency, we will list of few of the great things about our Louisville salon as well, but this list … Read more