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Hair Extensions in Louisville, KY by TRIM NuLu

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Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions Have you thought about getting hair extensions, but aren’t sure if they are right for you? Perhaps you’ve either had them, heard of them, or know someone who has them. There are as many misconceptions as there are types of extensions. The most advanced style of extensions are Natural Beaded … Read more

The Best Salon in Louisville just got Honey Bees!

What does honey and hair have in common? Well….TRIM NuLu! We are super proud to announce that TRIM NuLu just installed a new honey bee hive on the top of our E. Market St. building in downtown Louisville. Our hive is located on the fourth floor of 552 E. Market St., the Gateway to NuLu … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Balayage and an Ombré?

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Balayage and Ombré: What is the difference? Over the years the two have become synonymous, but there is a difference. And here at our Louisville, KY salon, we do a lot of them! Ombré is a style of color in the same way a bob is a style of haircut. Ombré is a French term … Read more

The Best Salon in Louisville Just Got Better. And Bigger!

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The best salon in Louisville, KY has just expanded! We are pleased to announce our recent expansion of TRIM NuLu. By adding an additional 1,200 square feet, we have expanded color processing, expanded our list of offerings to include hair extensions and added additional stylist stations! Would you like to see a sneak peak? Here’s … Read more

Guest Review of TRIM NuLu: Abigail Griggs – Going Icy Platinum

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Anyone who colors their hair knows that coloring is a give-and-take relationship. I’m certainly not exempted from that. I used to have my hair dyed bleach-blonde from root to tip. As much as I loved my previous look, it was not a sustainable hairstyle for me. I hated the hard line from blonde to brown … Read more

How We Clean Our Louisville, KY Hair Salon

Cleanliness at a hair salon is no joke. Presentation is always key, but protecting our clients from the dangers that cannot be seen is our top concern. When you visit, you deserve a great experience. It’s also expected that you’ll be made as safe as possible and we want to rise to that expectation. Because … Read more

5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy During Winter

Winter is currently in full force. Here are 5 quick hair tips for the colder months! Just like our skin needs an extra dose of moisture and protection on those cold blustery days, hair needs to keep hydrated during the winter months. When ‘winterizing’ your hair, the overall goal is to maintain moisture, which supports … Read more