What is the Difference Between a Balayage and an Ombré?

Balayage and Ombré: What is the difference?

Over the years the two have become synonymous, but there is a difference. And here at our Louisville, KY salon, we do a lot of them!

  • Ombré is a style of color in the same way a bob is a style of haircut. Ombré is a French term referring to a shaded or graduated in tone. Typically, when creating an ombré, the tips are fully saturated in a lightener with the line then being diffused. This gives a stronger, more two-toned effect, with the ends of the hair achieving a lighter and brighter color.
  • Balayage is a technique for color application. Balayage is also a French term, however it means ‘to sweep’. This refers to the light sweeping motion in which the color is applied to the section of hair. When balayage technique is used to color hair it also creates a transition from dark to light but with a much softer transition. These softer transition color styles are sometimes referred to as ‘sombrés’ meaning ‘soft ombré’. With balayage all of the ends are not necessarily lightened and a smaller, more angular section is used. The lightener is painted on the surface of the hair resulting in a softer, natural, sun-kissed look.
  • Both looks are a specialized application and usually require a higher investment and longer appointment time. However, they can provide beautiful, low-maintenance looks as opposed to a more traditional highlight which requires more upkeep. While they are low-maintenance appointment wise, it is still important to have a good home care routine. Professional products with provide you with your best results. Regular conditioning treatments and using heat protection when styling are crucial to maintaining not only your hairs integrity but also your color investment.

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