The Best Salon in Louisville just got Honey Bees!

What does honey and hair have in common? Well….TRIM NuLu! We are super proud to announce that TRIM NuLu just installed a new honey bee hive on the top of our E. Market St. building in downtown Louisville.

Our hive is located on the fourth floor of 552 E. Market St., the Gateway to NuLu building, and is helping pollinate the flowers and trees situated right here in our NuLu neighborhood.

Best Salon in Louisville Beehive

While honey bees are not something usually associated with high-end salons, the choice for us to put honey bees on our property was a fun, easy, and interesting way to help give back to the environment and contribute to our Earth. We love beauty. And there’s nothing more beautiful than a healthy environment.

Here’s a few fun facts about bees:

  • All worker bees are female
  • The type of flower the bees harvest their nectar from dictates the flavor of the honey.
  • Honey has been shown to have many health benefits either when eaten or or applied to the skin.
  • And in Louisville, TRIM NuLu is the only known local Louisville Salon to host a honey bee hive!

Here at TRIM NuLu we strive to be good stewards to our environment. A beehive won’t change the world, but it’s a step. And if you want to be part of what we are doing to help impact the world for good, we would love to serve you here at TRIM NuLu!

Online appointments can be made at or by calling us at 833-874-6444