Preparing for your Hair Coloring Appointment

Getting your hair colored or highlighted is a typical routine for those visit the salon often. For some, it’s second nature to come to the salon every six-to-eight weeks for touchups and maintenance. But for those who are new our hair salon, we’ve put together a small list of helpful tips for before and after your hair color appointment here at TRIM NuLu:

Before Your Hair Coloring Appointment

  • It’s best to go a day or two without shampooing before your hair color appointment. Because the natural oils in your hair work to keep your hair healthy, it’s better to have those oils present when you come for your color appointment. This will leave that protective layer of oil on your hair while it is being worked on.

Don’t style, straighten, or blowout your hair before your hair appointment.

  • Because we will be working with both hair color and heat during your appointment, it’s ill advised to put heat on your hair before you come to the salon. For your appointment just comb out your hair and put it in a pony tail or something similar and we can take it from there. Once your color has been applied and processed, we will shampoo your hair and style it according to your desired look!

Bring something to read or help pass the time while your hair processes.

  • One of the major ingredients associated with hair color that most people don’t think about is time. Regardless if you’re getting highlights, lowlights, a color correction, full color, or a touchup, it’s going to take time. Bring a book, a laptop (we have free WiFi), or a game on your phone so you can pass the time while we work on your hair. A lot of our clients prefer to bring your laptop so so they can work while they are here. Others bring a book or magazine. Whatever you choose is up to you, just remember that you’ll be here for a while and we want your time to be enjoyable.

What product line does TRIM NuLu use?

What will the hair color process entail?

  • If you’re inquisitive as to what hair color could entail during your visit, we’ve put together this video showing our lead colorist, Brianne Windell, going through the color highlight process here at TRIM NuLu:

What kind of results can I expect?

  • As with anything, results will vary. But typically the transformations are extremely notable. In this video, Brianne’s results are definitely noticable:

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If you’d like to call us to book our phone number is 833-874-6444. We look forward to helping with your hair color!