Guest Review of TRIM NuLu: Abigail Griggs – Going Icy Platinum

Before Abigail
Abigail Griggs – TRIM NuLu guest review of hair coloring experience.

Anyone who colors their hair knows that coloring is a give-and-take relationship. I’m certainly not exempted from that.

I used to have my hair dyed bleach-blonde from root to tip. As much as I loved my previous look, it was not a sustainable hairstyle for me. I hated the hard line from blonde to brown when my roots would grow out and I’ve been staying too busy lately to get my hair done every 4-5 weeks. I also have fairly long hair, so treating my hair that often makes extremely difficult to keep my hair happy and healthy.

Thankfully, I met Brianne Windell from TRIM NuLu! She was able to give me the look I wanted to have without compromising my hair’s health. Bri worked an icy-platinum color in with my natural color, giving me a natural fade from dark-blonde to platinum. This allows me to wait a little longer to get a touch up and keep my hair as healthy as possible. Keeping the color off of my roots is especially important for me since I have eczema on my scalp and applying bleach would be both harmful and painful.

Blonde hair coloring Louisville
Icy-platinum blonde hair coloring from TRIM NuLu

I couldn’t be happier with how well Bri can fade the color into the bright platinum I have now, I’m not sure I could get that same look anywhere else with another hair colorist. I keep going back to Bri because she knows exactly what I’m looking for and she keeps my hair happy and healthy so that it not only looks great, but keeps growing without damage. I always leave the salon feeling totally refreshed and all my coworkers notice even just a basic touchup and tone.

On top of the exceptional service, I love going to the TRIM NuLu salon for the comfortable and modern atmosphere. They always always treat you like a friend. They also carry a great line of Redken products that they use on clients and which are available for they can purchase after your appointment which makes it convenient to keep up your style well after your appointment has ended.

I really recommend TRIM NuLu for haircuts and color. I always leave happy and I love the experience!