Directions to TRIM NuLu

To help find our downtown Louisville, KY hair salon we’ve put together this short list of directions to TRIM NuLu.

What is the Address to TRIM NuLu?

TRIM NuLu is located at:

600 E Main St Suite 103, Louisville KY 40202

Photo of the side of TRIM NuLu. Located at 600 E Main St Suite 103, Louisville KY 40202

From Which Routes Can I Reach TRIM NuLu?

To reach us you’ll either need to come down Main Street or Hancock Street. Please note that Main Street is a one-way street while Hancock is a two-way street. Also note that we are on EAST Main Street.

map to trim nulu hair salon in louisville ky

Directions When Coming Down Main Street

Main Street is a one way street. When coming down Main Street we will be located on your left hand side just a little bit before you reach the Interstate overpass. Our hair salon is located directly across from the Grocers Ice Lofts. We are also positioned just slightly up the street from the Main and Clay apartment building. If you’ve gone under the overpass or reach/pass Louisville Slugger Field then you’ve gone too far.

Directions When Coming Down Hancock Street

If you’re traveling down Hancock Street while going towards Main Street, then you’ll want to park on the right hand side before crossing over Main Street. Once you’ve crossed over Main Street you’ve gone too far.

What is Parking Like at TRIM NuLu?

Parking is typically very plentiful. Free, unmetered parking is available on both sides of Main Street and also on both sides of Hancock Street. None of the parking is paid. There is parking directly in front of our hair salon and all throughout the portion of Main Street that runs the span of our building. On the opposite side of Main Street there is also additional parking.

Hancock Street also has plenty of parking as well and typically has fewer cars.

Please call us if you have any problems finding our hair salon! (833) 874-6444