5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy During Winter

Winter is currently in full force. Here are 5 quick hair tips for the colder months!

Just like our skin needs an extra dose of moisture and protection on those cold blustery days, hair needs to keep hydrated during the winter months. When ‘winterizing’ your hair, the overall goal is to maintain moisture, which supports elasticity and stops breakage. Moisture is also the key to avoiding those split ends and knots that make detangling an annoyance and add to your breakage.

1.) Conditioner And Leave-In Treatments

Most of us already use a deep conditioner or a leave-in treatment, but you may need to use both during the winter. If you are afraid of buildup, or it is weighing down your hair, try the conditioner first, then shampoo. Get the benefits of a deep conditioner which cleans your scalp, and then utilize a leave-in treatment! My fav is One United Leave-In Conditioner.

2.) Styling Tricks

Winter is not the time for wearing your hair down daily. Of course you can once in a while, but your go-to should be a simple up-style until warm weather returns. Braids, twists, top knots, will keep your ends tucked away from cold winds and lessen the amount of styling you have to do on the daily. Plus, who doesn’t want extra time in the morning? — snooze button please!

3.) Get A Trim!

Whether you have long or short hair, winter weather can make the ends of your hair dry and brittle. That’s what’s referred to as “breakage.” And breakage usually doesn’t happen to hair that is regularly trimmed. Regular haircuts will keep your hair in good condition and reduce the risk of split ends. Our artistic stylist can take care of you, right here, at TRIM Nulu!

4.) Get Out The Hat!

A hat is protection from the elements. And besides, who doesn’t love throwing a hat on?! Yeah, that does mean saying goodbye to most of the style you’ve spent your morning creating. But wearing a hat can add an edge to your look. Just remember to pick a hat that fits your style and face shape!

5.) Avoid Over-Shampooing!

How many times do you shampoo during the week? During the colder season we’ve found that if you shampoo your hair only two or three times a week, you can usually prevent your hair from drying out. Natural oils help keep moisture in your lovely locks. So next time your in the shower or bath, try skipping the shampoo a bit. Your hair will thank you!

Hopefully these tips add a bit of pizazz to your routine and will have you all set for the colder months so you’re fully prepared for beautiful hair come springtime!