Home Beard Care Between Salon Visits

How to Care for your Beard At Home

Maintaining beard care at home can be a simple task as long as you have some knowledge. As a stylist at the salon, I wanted to share a few tips about beard maintenance. In salons or barbershops, stylists use guards to trim beards and inform you about the guard number used. However, it’s important to note that the guard sizes vary among clipper manufacturers and are not standardized universally. To achieve the desired length, it is recommended to begin with a longer guard and gradually decrease the length.

Direction of Gour Gair Growth is Important

When it comes to beard trims you always want to go against the direction of the hair growth, this will make for a much more even cut and also go over the same area multiple times to ensure you got all the hair. It’s very easy for some of the hair not to get trimmed on the first pass.

Clippers vs. Trimmers

For cutting the length of the beard you want to use a clipper. One thing that most people don’t know is to get clean lines you would need to use an edger, aka a trimmer. You will normally see your stylist pick up a smaller pair of trimmers when they do the sideburns, around the ears and cleaning of the neckline on your haircut. The trimmers have smaller cutting surfaces and smaller cutting teeth that make a much more detailed line and can be used against the skin to define and remove hair without getting nicked by a larger clipper.

Good news! There is a combo option. Wahl has a combo clipper for those whose beard’s need just a little bit of a attention between salon visits. The Wahl clipper combo pro has all of the features needed to do in-home shapeups from both the clipper and trimmer perspective, without breaking the bank.

Don’t forget the product

A needed addition to beard maintenance should be a wax, pomade, or a beard oil. If you have crazy fly-away hairs on your beard, a wax could make all the difference. REDKEN makes a wonderful men’s pomade to to help the wild stray hairs on your bead to lay down and to also add shine. Depending on the length and amount of your beard you would normally use less than a dime size dollop.

And if your beard is feeling dry a beard oil should do the trick and add some shine to boot! REDKENS’s beard oil will add a sheen and helps soften the beard when it starts to feel dry and brittle, especially during the colder months.

Know what kind of result you want before you begin

Lastly, always keep in mind what you want your beard to do for you. Are you trying to make your face look fuller? Are you trying to make your jawline look more defined? Sometimes in life if you’re not born with the face structure you want, but a well-defined beard can help get you closer to it.