Meet the Team – Brianne Windell – Lead Colorist

Brianne Windell rotated

Finding a hair colorist you can trust is not always an easy battle. Acquiring the skill to pick up strands of hair intentionally, to know exactly how they will fall to give a guest’s desired look, is a skill that takes years to perfect. Our color specialist, Bri has spent years perfecting her talent and creating beautiful results.

One of her biggest passions is color correction, which is taking an undesirable hair color and fixing it to be something a guest is in love with. Bri often shares with her guests that they don’t have be embarrassed when sitting in her chair, because she, herself has had unflattering hair color results in the past, and is likely why she chose to really hone in on her skill of performing color correction services. “There is no better feeling than having a guest leave with tears of joy in their eyes, when the tears they came in with were tears of stress.”