Making Hair Highlights and Haircuts Work Together (with Pictures)

Highlight and Haircut Pictures from Our Louisville Salon

Hair highlights and haircuts should always work hand-and-hand. Having one of these services completed without taking another into account can lead to hair that looks disjointed and out of place. That’s why when you visit our Louisville, KY salon for the first time you’ll receive a full consult before we ever touch your hair. During your initial hair consult you’ll probably want to discuss your goals and the changes that need to be made to benefit your haircut and hair color. As stylists, it’s our job to understand not only how you want your hair cut, but what you want to accomplish with your overall look. But asking a lot of targeted questions we can understand your desired goal and assist with getting you your exact look. Any time hair coloring is involved, it’s also our job to work closely with the coloring team to provide customized recommendations so the color and cut work in tandem.

One of the first things that your hair stylist should do is take note about what changes you’re wanting to make and how highlights (either current highlights or new highlights) will effect your cut. Haircuts and hair coloring should work together to compliment one another. Your highlights and cut should also accentuate the features that you want most pronounced. For example, when you’re going for minimal layers but want some movement and texture in your haircut, adding dimensional highlights work well. Another current hair highlight trend is to add depth on the ends to give your haircut the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.  Like a good makeup contour, you can contour your hair color in the same way. Adding darker areas will flatten the shape of your haircut while adding some lightness will lift and brighten your face. 

Highlights and Layers

Here is an example of minimal layers with dimensional highlights for texture.

Dimensional highlights with minimal layers – TRIM NuLu in downtown Louisville, KY

Highlights and Depth

Here is an example how depth at the scalp flattens the shape, while the highlights mid to ends lift and adds fullness.

Hair highlighting to add depth and fullness / TRIM NuLu in downtown Louisville, KY

Highlights and Curtain Bangs

An example of the dynamic duo: curtains bangs highlighted with a money piece.

Highlights and Curtain Bangs / TRIM NuLu in downtown Louisville, KY

To see some different ideas of how highlights and haircuts can go together, checkout this quick Pinterest link.

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