TRIM NuLu’s Katie Dunn Wins Best Hair Extensions in Louisville Award from The Voice-Tribune

Louisville’s most upscale and influential magazine, The Voice, has named Katie Dunn of the TRIM NuLu hair salon, as the best technician for hair extensions in Louisville.

Boasting over 10 years of high-end salon experience, Katie Dunn joined the TRIM NuLu team in early 2021. Hired because of her hair extension prowess and years of experience as an expert colorist, Dunn quickly became a well-known name in the Louisville hair extension trade.
Dunn has a specialization in hand-tied hair extensions where the purchased hair is sewn into existing hair, giving clients a much fuller, lengthier, and longer-lasting head of hair as compared to other types of extensions.

Dunn’s clients request hair extensions for various reasons. Some clients need them before a beauty pageant, others have thinner hair and are going for a more voluminous look, while some clients have medical issues that effect their hair which makes extensions a big comfort.

Katie Dunn said of the award, “This is such a wonderful profession to be in. I get to meet so many wonderful and exciting people. I enjoy being able to transform clients right before their eyes. My favorite tagline is ‘Keeping Louisville beautiful’ and I truly love doing that through hair extensions.”

Hand Tied Hair Extensions - TRIM NuLu

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